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Highlight: DISTANT ECHOES by John Ficara

As Black History Month draws to a close, we'd like to share this intimate portrait of African American farmers.

Black farmers in the United States have faced decades of prejudice, yet continue to work the land, even as they lose their property at 1,000 acres a day. John Ficara spent years documenting the experiences of black farmers, whose entire way of life may someday be nothing more than a distant echo. 14:00 DURATION. (Description provided by content owner)

Producer/Editor: David Snider
Photographer: John Ficara

The Photography Channel
13 min 59 sec

New Releases Monday

Striving to make your Monday more entertaining with what's new on Google Video:

Two classics from the HBO/Cinemax comedy anthology series, "Likely Stories" will likely tickle your funny bone.

Continue laughing with comedy from writer/actor Paul Wagner.

Got some old 3D glasses lying around? Try them on with "3D Experience Logo - Red/Cyan 3D".

Or perhaps you've got an old deck of cards you'd like to play with. Learn some tips and tricks, or just sit back and watch a good game of Poker, with videos from the "Players Network".

Google Picks

We Googlers stumble upon such great content everyday that we are just bursting to share with you. Thus, Google Picks was born. You'll find Google Picks on the Google Video homepage and here, on the Google Video Blog.

This week's (February 20-24) Picks:

1. Electric Catwalk - Pegah Anvarian Spring Collection
2. Mentoring PSA - YoYo
3. The Golf Channel Video Tip - Perfect Ball Position (Tina Mickelson)
4. The Greenhouse Olympics: bob run
5. An Evening with Steve Wozniak
7. Muppets Magic: From The Ed Sullivan Show
8. Black Moses of Soul: Isaac Hayes
9. The Music of Kanye West
10. The Strokes - Juicebox
11. How Caffeine Works
12. Pretty Dyana - A Gypsy recycling saga
13. You're the Chef - Baking Bread
14. US Air Guitar Championships
15. World Beard & Moustache Championships

Highlight: Aly & AJ Rush (Video)

Aly and AJ star in Disney Channel's movie "Cow Belles" and debut their musical talent with the album "Into the Rush"...

Aly & AJ Rush (Video)

Aly & AJ music video for the song Rush taken from their debut album Into The Rush on Hollywood Records. See the new video on MTV and the Disney Channel. Album in stores now. (Description provided by content owner)

Hollywood Records
3 min 18 sec

Highlight: The Boat and the Bomb

Greenpeace is a global, non-profit organization with members in 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific. Now here, on Google Video, you can hear their voice of concern for the environment.

The Boat and the Bomb : 20th Anniversary of the Bombing of the Rainbow Warrior

Nothing is ever true, so the saying goes, until it has been officially denied. The French Government terrorist bombing of the Greenpeace ship the Rainbow Warrior is a classic case.

French Secret Service agents killed Greenpeace photographer Fernando Pereira in the attack, in an operation that would have made the bungling Inspector Clousseau look slick. Despite mounting evidence to the contrary gathered within days of the attack France continued to deny responsibility for over two months. Here we trace the events that led to the eventual reluctant admission of guilt and the disappearance of those responsible. (Description provided by content owner)

11 min 5 sec

Highlight: ManiaTV!

The ManiaTV! Network focuses on delivering Internet-based television to you. ManiaTV! gives you a wide variety of choices such as short films, action sports, video games, cartoons, news, music, and interviews with the hottest names such as Death Cab For Cutie.

All shows are hosted live by "CyberJockeys", providing a unique twist. Google Video brings you what ManiaTV! has to offer, here.

New Releases Monday

Striving to make your Monday more entertaining with what's new on Google Video:

Snowboarding and speed skating aren't the only hot topics in sports at the moment. The NBA brings you the awesome All-Star game.

The T-Mobile Rookie Challenge is a game where NBA's hottest "Sophomore" players go up against this season's most talented rookies. See who'll come up on top, here.

Wanna see why these basketball players are the best of the best? They show off their skills with the following video which highlights the: Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout, Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk Contest, and PlayStation Skills Challenge.

Missed the 55th All-Star Game Sunday night? Or maybe you just wanna see the action again? Download it here, on Google Video.

Behind the Video: Fear of Girls

Have you ever watched a DVD and when it was over, popped in that extra disk that contained "Special Features" such as an interview with the director? Consider this "Behind the Video" segment that extra disk and revel in this personal interview with the creator of the video "Fear of Girls".

Fear of Girls
Writer/Director - Ryan Wood

1) Why did you make this video?

"That's a good question that makes no economic sense what so ever - The 'short' answer is filmmakers create shorts as a calling card to large projects, but that's not really it. Writers got to write, painters got to paint, and filmmakers got to make film. However, the only economically feasible format for many of us starving writers/directors/producers/actors is the short film format. I love comedy, I love great characters and acting, I love the games. Geek is Chic."

2) Who should watch it?

"Everyone. Then tell your mom. Anyone who loves satire, can gleam comedy out of a 320X240 resolution window, and can have a hearty chuckle about their own foibles."

3) Money, fame, power - which do you hope this video brings?

"First total world domination. Then a girlfriend."

4) What's next (from you, the video creator)?

"We've been contacted by some folks to do another episode - so regardless if they are serious or not, I'm writing another. Because I want to. Also, there's a feature film concept and television pilot floating out there. I also want to be an astronaut."

Highlight: Footballers Wive$ Season Three - U.S. Premiere

Google Video is pleased to present the debut episode of Footballers Wive$ from BBC AMERICA. This highly addictive television show will premiere, commercial free, on Google Video two days before airing on BBC AMERICA. So come get a satisfying sneak peek! Footballers Wive$ will be available on Google Video until Sunday, February 19th.

Footballers Wive$ Season Three - U.S. Premiere

The utterly addictive and incredibly successful British series, Footballers Wive$, returns with fabulous new soccer players and their wives. At the close of the second season, Wive$ addicts were left with a cliff-hanger -- actually a roof-hanger -- as team captain Jason Turner dangled from a building on his wedding night. This premiere reveals Jason's fate - as well as the fates of other favorite players and wives. While this is the first episode of a third season, new fans can easily catch up in the drama and scandal. You'll soon learn how the series got its U.S. tagline, 'Everyone Plays Dirty'! (Description provided by content owner)

Shed Productions
46 min 45 sec

Feline Friends: Judge Wapner's Animal Court - Special Collection Part 2

Animals have rights, too...

Judge Wapner's Animal Court - Special Collection Part 2

Cases include: CAT ATTACK: Plaintiff sues Defendant because Defendant was cat sitting for Plaintiff & one of the cats got outside & was carried off by coyotes. GOAT MASSACRE: Plaintiff claims that twenty-six of his goats were found dead on his property over a 2-month period. PIGEON-TOED HORSE: Plaintiff claims Defendant cut a toe off her horse, Dusty, when he shoed him improperly. WHERE HAVE ALL THE WORMS GONE?: Plaintiff bought a worm bin from Defendant's worm farm. When Plaintiffs went to pick up the worms they found the bin mostly empty. DOG EXCHANGE: Plaintiffs bought a white husky from Defendant for breeding purposes. They claim the dog's testicles are damaged and the dog cannot breed properly. BYE, BYE BIRDIES: Plaintiff contracted Defendant to watch her two rose-breasted cockatoos while she was out of town for 2 months. Defendant threw a party, passed out and the birds were stolen. JILTED JOCKEY: Plaintiff claims he was given a winning horse race ticket by Defendant to cash in. He claims he lost his job as a jockey for betting even though he was just trying to help a friend. STRIP ON THE SPOT: Plaintiff, an exotic dancer, had been a roommate with Defendant for 2 years. When Plaintiff went into Defendant's bedroom to hand her an alarm clock, Defendant's Dalmatian bit her and she had to be taken to the emergency room. (Description provided by content owner)

SOFA Entertainment
1 hr 30 min 56 sec

Feline Friends: Koko's Kitten

Happy Valentine's Day! Today Google Video would like to highlight a timeless love story of a gorilla and her tail-less kitten "All-Ball"...

Koko's Kitten

Learn the true story about the gentle gorilla who learned to express thoughts and feelings in sign language. A touching story of how she loved and cared for the kitten she named All-Ball--how she lost it, grieved, and grew from the experience. (Description provided by content owner)

16 min 57 sec

New Releases Monday

Striving to make your Monday more entertaining with what's new on Google Video:

Want up-to-date
Olympics information? Google Video, in collaboration with NBC Olympics, has interviews with your favorite athletes, 15-second pre and post-Games highlights, and more, to satiate your Torino thirst.

Missed Thursday's CSI episode about the death of a woman whose body appears to have been used in scientific experimentation? We've got "Pirates Of The Third Reich",

Journey into the depths of the ocean, 12,000 feet below to be exact.
Volcanoes of the Deep Sea (IMAX) will take you under the water, and beyond.

Highlight: NBC Olympics

Are you ready?

2006 Winter Olympics - Saluting America's Olympians

The networks of NBC Universal will broadcast the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy from Febraury 10-26. Team USA will feature 211 Americans -- who Flipsyde salutes in its single "Someday." (Content provided by content owner)

1 min 59 sec

Highlight: The 2006 Mavericks Surf Contest

Catch a wave...

MediaZone presents: The 2006 Mavericks Surf Contest

Experience the thrill of the most dangerous big-wave surfing event as 24 top surfers from around the world convene at 2006 Mavericks Surf Contest in Half Moon Bay, California. MediaZone offers complete coverage from the first heart-wrenching big drop to the scariest wipeouts ever. Watch the complete contest at www.MediaZone.com. (Description provided by content owner)

Equinox Productions, Inc.
5 min 35 sec

Highlight: CameraPlanet

The CameraPlanet 9/11 Archive is an extensive collection of incredible videos shot on September 11th and the days that followed the tragic event. View clip after clip of gripping footage taken steps away from the Twin Towers during a time we'll never forget.

9/11 CameraPlanet Archive

This is a clip from the CameraPlanet 9/11 Archive. For information regarding full resolution clips of this material, or the archive - email Archive@CameraPlanet.com (Description provided by content owner)

Archive Director: Steve Rosenbaum

CameraPlanet Archive

Highlight: WheelsTV

Are you a car enthusiast? Want more information before you hit the dealerships? Like things that go vroom? Visit Google Video where you'll find a wide spectrum of automobile-focused videos from WheelsTV.

Download virtual test drives and educate yourself on the newest vehicles out on the road, here on Google Video.

New Releases Monday

Striving to make your Monday more entertaining with what's new on Google Video:

Missed Saturday's
"Bucks verses Grizzlies" basketball game because you were out throwing around the pigskin to prepare yourself for Superbowl Sunday? Get your game on, here.

Wanna see a CSI first? Watch the complete episode titled "Killer" through the eyes of the criminal.

Do the names "Captain Janeway" and "Chief of Security Odo" ring any bells? Satisfy your inner Trekkie with "Emanations" from
Star Trek Voyager and "Maquis" from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Did yesterday's MacGyver-like Superbowl commercial make you reminisce? Catch
MacGyver episodes like "Hellfire" here.

Highlight: LIME

LIME offers entertaining and educational videos that are meant to inspire a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Join the renowned physician and author Deepak Chopra as he discusses a wide range of topics including: Quitting Smoking, Keeping Your Kids Off Drugs, The Keys to Attraction, Connecting with Your Child, Eliminating Stress, and the Seven Stages of Love.

Deepak Chopra is considered one of the world's greatest leaders in the field of alternative medicine and LIME and Google Video bring him to you.

Highlight: iWatchNow.com

Before "The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe" made its way to the big screen, the fantasy penned by C.S. Lewis was a full-length animated feature which can be found here on Google Video, provided by iWatchNow.com.

Other treasures you can find include: The Andy Griffith Show, Ozzie And Harriet, and other black and white classics. "Watch what you want, when you want" with iWatchNow.com videos on Google Video.

Highlight: Tai Seng

Tai Seng started over a hundred years ago as an opera troupe in San Francisco who focused on bringing entertainment to Chinese immigrants in the United States. Tai Seng offers action, drama, and martial arts films featuring the hottest of Hong Kong's stars.

Today, Tai Seng brings some of the best Asian films across the sea and here to you, on Google Video.
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