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Highlight: Classic Game: Knicks @ Warriors (audio only)

Are you a hardcore basketball fan? If you are, be sure not to miss this extraordinary audio treat...

Classic Game: Knicks @ Warriors (audio only)

The NBA's greatest scoring peformance came in 1962, when Wilt Chamberlain tallied 100 points against the New York Knicks. Listen to a rare recording of the fourth quarter of this historic game. (Description provided by content owner)

NBA Entertainment
28 min 25 sec

Highlight: SOFA Entertainment

SOFA Entertainment brings the best and the classics of "The Ed Sullivan Show" here to you on Google Video. See how good television was back then with performances from Elvis, Nat King Cole, and The Supremes.

Search for everything from interviews with Jackie Robinson to solos from Dick Van Dyke here, on Google Video.

Highlight: ITN

Winner of the Royal Television Society's Innovation Award in 2004, ITN is one of the United Kingdom's leading news producers. Tune in for top news features (Israel And Palestine Peace Agreement and Michael Jackson Found Not Guilty), unique stories (Orangutan Does Housework and Prince Charles And Camilla's Wedding), and interesting facts about the day you were born.

Broadcasting to over two-thirds of the U.K. population, you can find ITN here on Google Video.

Highlight: Egami Media (Image Entertainment)

Like to laugh? Egami Media, a branch of Image Entertainment, delivers with stand-up comedy such as National Lampoon: International Show and National Lampoon: Down and Dirty.

How about music? Google Video highlights Egami Media's programs such as Tupac: Thug Angel: The Life of an Outlaw and Rat Pack.

Prefer the big screen? You can find your independent, foreign, and silent films
here, not to mention gripping IMAX experiences such as Stormchasers.

Highlight: Hollywood Licensing

Wanna tickle your funny bone? Hollywood Licensing's library of hilarious clips is the best and most extensive library in the world. Browse through themes ranging from "Right in the Groin" to "Hilarious Animals".

Visit Hollywood Licensing's collection here on Google Video and get some laughs in.

Highlight: Sony BMG Music Entertainment

Sony BMG Music Entertainment brings you a versatile sound - everything from American Idol Kelly Clarkson, soulful Alicia Keys, country crooner Kenny Chesney, Grammy nominated Franz Ferdinand, and more.

Find your sound here, on Google Video.

Highlight: Sierra Club Chronicles

Hosted by Daryl Hannah, the Sierra Club Chronicles focuses on the dedication of individuals across the country working to protect the environment and communities. This episode celebrates the forgotten heroes of September 11th.

Sierra Club Chronicles: 9/11 Forgotten Heroes

The terrorist attack on 9/11 was one of our country's most horrific moments, and the damage continues. Told there were no health hazards in the aftermath, the truth shows there was and many first responders are now afflicted and ignored by our government. (Description provided by content owner)

Brave New Films in assn with Sierra Club Prod.

28 min 35 sec

Highlight: Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose is an acclaimed interviewer and broadcast journalist who conducts one-on-one interviews and roundtable discussions with folks such as CEO Eric Schmidt, Senator John Kerry, NBA All-Star "Magic" Johnson, and Director Quentin Tarantino.

Join him as he converses with America's best business leaders, politicans, entertainers, athletes, and more - all
here, on Google Video.

Highlight: Getty Images' Archive Films Collection

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And they're right. Getty Images' Archive Films Collection features images that are both historic and outstanding.

Browse through the image collection offered here on Google Video and you can find anything from John F. Kennedy to Albert Einstein, mushroom clouds to sinking ships, and Fred Astaire to Betty Boop.

Highlight: Classic Media

Do you yearn for classic cartoons such as Rocky and Bullwinkle, Little Lulu, and Felix the Cat?

Here at Google Video, you can find wholesome Classic Media goodness such as Richie Rich and Mighty Herecules to re-live your youth and share with your family.

Highlight: Echelon Home Entertainment 2

Echelon focuses on "gems", those rare, independently produced films from around the world that prove that good movies don't necessarily need a top name actor or a big special effects budget.

Please click here to see what Google Video and Echelon has to offer.

Highlight: GreenCine

Love classic films in black and white? How about vintage horror films? GreenCine is dedicated to providing you with diverse and independent material.

Here on Google Video, we're dedicated to bringing you some GreenCine classic horrors such as
Satan's School for Girls and more.

Highlight: John Battelle

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Visiting Professor John Battelle visited the Google New York office to chat about his book "The Search". Come get a front row seat!

John Battelle talk at Google NYC

John Battelle, co-founding editor of Wired and founder of The Industry Standard visits the Google New York office to speak about his book The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture (12/7/05).
(Description provided by content owner)

Speaker: John Battelle
Host: Google NYC

Google Video

57 min 48 sec

Highlight: Prime Minister Tony Blair

Dream about being a political leader? Or perhaps you’re just curious about what such leaders do. Well, wonder no more. Here’s a rare glimpse of a day in the life of the Prime Minister of Great Britain, courtesy of Tony Blair himself.

A Day in the Life of Prime Minister Tony Blair

Taking a break during a typically busy day inside 10 Downing Street, Tony Blair confides that "nothing prepares you for the difficulty of being Prime Minister". In our brand new film we profile just a few of the many engagements and duties the PM carries out on a regular basis, offering a rare glimpse into his world. (Content provided by content owner)

10 Downing Street
3 min 36 sec

Highlight: NBA

Wanna see your favorite players fly? Did you miss Kobe's 62-point performance? Catch current 2005-06 and classic NBA games here on Google Video. This is the first time NBA fans can buy NBA games, including Playoffs and Finals, online.

Experience firsthand the excitement of NBA games through Google Video by visiting video.google.com/nba.html.

Highlight: CBS

CBS, also known as the Columbia Broadcasting System, first aired in 1927. You can find classics such as "I Love Lucy" and "The Brady Bunch" and current hits like "Survivor: Guatemala" and "CSI" on CBS and now here, on Google Video.

To view a complete list of CBS television shows available on Google Video, please visit video.google.com/cbs.html.

Google Video's New Year

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for an announcement. We have officially launched the Google Video store, the world's first open video marketplace. The store features thousands of titles representing a wide variety of entertainment and educational content, and more content is being added each day. With a quick keyword search, you can access a trove of high quality media for sale in addition to the free content already part of Google Video.

Missed Friday's Lakers vs. Sixers NBA game and want to check out Kobe? No problem.
Stayed late at work and now risk getting voted off the island by your roommate? The solution is here.
Practicing your fly dance moves? Maybe a Beyonce video will help.
Those of you following this blog over the last few months know that Google Video prides itself on the thousands of smaller, unique titles created by the community. And in the near future, any content creator will be able to sell their videos at a price of their choosing using the Google Video Upload Program.
[In our best announcer voice]: "That's right, the #1 selling video of 2006 just may be yours."
So whether you're ready to unleash your inner Spielberg, or are just looking for some good stuff to watch, welcome to the next phase of Google Video.

Independent Films: Part 4

What if you couldn't drink the water...

"Waterborne" - Feature Film

"If there is anything I have learned working in independent film, it's that the distributors have all the power. Only one-in-ten independent films ever find distribution, and even then they rarely make any money. Though I consider myself lucky that we sold our first film Bomb the System, the deal was for one-tenth of the price it cost us to produce it. And now, someone else is profiting off our hard work.

With our second film, Waterborne, we had an offer from a distributor for a $125,000 advance for a limited theatrical release and DVD deal when we discovered Google Video and the new online distribution model. The only problem was, if we signed with the distributor, they would not grant us the online rights. It came down to one deal or the other. If we went the traditional route and played in a couple of theaters, we may get a few hundred people to see the film. But if we premiered on Google Video, millions of people would see it. And, we would maintain ownership of the material. No middle man, no distributor, nothing. Just me, my film, and the millions of people online everyday. Incredible. This is a major step in the online distribution revolution for films and videos, and to be honest, no one really knows how it is going to impact the current industry framework. But for an independent filmmaker trying to make a mark in a studio driven world, it's an exciting time to be alive." (Description provided by Ben Rekhi, director)

Drops Entertainment
1 hr 22 min 20 sec

Independent Films: Part 3

Walk across Japan with Kintaro and through his eyes, discover Japan's beauty, culture, and people...

Kintaro Walks Japan

"I met a Japanese woman, fell in love with her, and decided that a good way to impress her would be to walk the 2000-mile length of Japan. I spent nearly five months walking through the countryside, arm wrestling old ladies, running from trains, and eventually becoming a Japanese media sensation. Then when I got back home I edited the documentary of my walk, 'Kintaro Walks Japan'. I am passionate about making movies, but not about distributing them. Google Video puts my movie one click away from the audience, so anyone can share the adventure." (Description provided by Kintaro)

Liverwurst films "The Wurst films in the can"
1 hr 6 min 23 sec

Independent Films: Part 2

Don't take your eyes off his hands...

The Mechanic Card Shark Film

By Grant Carden Magic (Description provided by content owner)

Carden Films
14 min 33 sec

Independent Films: Part 1

We wanted to start your 2006 off right with a plethora of original videos submitted by a talented crop of Independent filmmakers. So sit back and enjoy, as we welcome you to a new year of great content with Google Video.

Aardvark'd: Twelve Weeks with Geeks

Four interns are brought into Manhattan and given 12 weeks to design, develop, debug and ship a program that will change the way computer geeks around the world fix their friends' computers. Boondoggle Films presents a journey through the world of software development from the perspective of a unique upstart, four quirky interns, and the world of The Geek. (Description provided by content owner)

Intern: Tyler Griffin Hicks-Wright
Intern: Benjamin Pollack
Intern: Yaron Guez
Intern: Michael Lehenbauer
CEO Fog Creek Software: Joel Spolsky
Creator VisiCalc: Dan Bricklin
Founder ViaWeb: Paul Graham
President Fog Creek Software: Michael Pryor
Fog Creek Software: Elizabeth Gordon
Fog Creek Software: Brett Kiefer
Fog Creek Software: Ben Kamens
Fog Creek Software: Dmitri Kalmar

Lerone Wilson - Boondoggle Films
2 min 10 sec

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