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Independent Films: Part 1

Monday, January 02, 2006 1/02/2006 09:30:00 PM

We wanted to start your 2006 off right with a plethora of original videos submitted by a talented crop of Independent filmmakers. So sit back and enjoy, as we welcome you to a new year of great content with Google Video.

Aardvark'd: Twelve Weeks with Geeks

Four interns are brought into Manhattan and given 12 weeks to design, develop, debug and ship a program that will change the way computer geeks around the world fix their friends' computers. Boondoggle Films presents a journey through the world of software development from the perspective of a unique upstart, four quirky interns, and the world of The Geek. (Description provided by content owner)

Intern: Tyler Griffin Hicks-Wright
Intern: Benjamin Pollack
Intern: Yaron Guez
Intern: Michael Lehenbauer
CEO Fog Creek Software: Joel Spolsky
Creator VisiCalc: Dan Bricklin
Founder ViaWeb: Paul Graham
President Fog Creek Software: Michael Pryor
Fog Creek Software: Elizabeth Gordon
Fog Creek Software: Brett Kiefer
Fog Creek Software: Ben Kamens
Fog Creek Software: Dmitri Kalmar

Lerone Wilson - Boondoggle Films
2 min 10 sec