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Behind the Video: Fear of Girls

Friday, February 17, 2006 2/17/2006 10:00:00 AM

Have you ever watched a DVD and when it was over, popped in that extra disk that contained "Special Features" such as an interview with the director? Consider this "Behind the Video" segment that extra disk and revel in this personal interview with the creator of the video "Fear of Girls".

Fear of Girls
Writer/Director - Ryan Wood

1) Why did you make this video?

"That's a good question that makes no economic sense what so ever - The 'short' answer is filmmakers create shorts as a calling card to large projects, but that's not really it. Writers got to write, painters got to paint, and filmmakers got to make film. However, the only economically feasible format for many of us starving writers/directors/producers/actors is the short film format. I love comedy, I love great characters and acting, I love the games. Geek is Chic."

2) Who should watch it?

"Everyone. Then tell your mom. Anyone who loves satire, can gleam comedy out of a 320X240 resolution window, and can have a hearty chuckle about their own foibles."

3) Money, fame, power - which do you hope this video brings?

"First total world domination. Then a girlfriend."

4) What's next (from you, the video creator)?

"We've been contacted by some folks to do another episode - so regardless if they are serious or not, I'm writing another. Because I want to. Also, there's a feature film concept and television pilot floating out there. I also want to be an astronaut."