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Monday, May 01, 2006 5/01/2006 06:00:00 PM

New videos appearing on the Google Video Top 100 list for May 1, 2006:

79. Click here to watch "Anouk -Girl"
"Een clip van de song Girl van Anouk"
3 min 30 sec

85. Click here to watch "In The Studio With Devvo"
"Devvo's back living the MC dream with his friend and DJ, Shady Piez."
6 min 27 sec

92. Click here to watch "Jet Powered Ambulance"
"Under Pressure Jet Powered Ambulance At Lancaster New York Kumho Street Warriorz Event"
1 min 54 sec

97. Click here to watch "The Big Cup"
"Joga TV's the Big Cup."
1 min 21 sec

99. Click here to watch "Cats"
"Funny picture collection of cats"
10 min 1 sec

100. Click here to watch "Baby Got Book ("
"Dan "Southpaw" Smith's parody of "Baby Got Back" as seen on VH1's WebJunk"
4 min 22 sec

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Last week's (April 21 - April 27) Google Picks:

1. Kids Childrens Show Harlem Globetrotters Curly Neal features Education
Join Curly's Kid Club loaded with after school projects

2. sparkle pink teenage magic
Abstract art from Adicolor

3. Seamaster Sailing - March 2006
Ellen MacArthur and Dean Barker report on the 2007 America's Cup race

4. How to Calm Your Baby
Alpha Mom to the rescue

5. American Idol Contestant Melissa McGhee on Tampa Bay Media Talk (April 13)
Get backstage secrets from the former "American Idol" Melissa McGhee

6. An Inconvenient Truth
Mother Earth's temper reaches an all time high

7. Journey to Rainforest EL YUNQUE, PUERTO RICO
Take a journey into a Caribbean tropical rain forest

8. The Ghost Riders - Trailer for the Documentary Film
Watch a group of Lakota Indians take their annual 300-mile trek across the plains of South Dakota

9. Can You Hear Me TV presents: The Muggs rock-doc'
Meet Detroit's Muggs, who dub themselves as the "ugliest band in the world"

10. ACTV: Home Automation
Taking the "clapper" one step further

11. BASEBALL DREAMS: Manipuri Baseball in the Eastern Himalayas
America's past time is going global

12. Backyard Farmer: How to Grow Tomatoes
Sow those seeds as spring has sprung

13. Words That Cook! Parenting with childrens books Show 001
Watch the award winning educational television series

14. Getting More Miles
Tips and tricks to keep your gasoline prices down

15. 151 The Greatest Streak
Even the best winning streaks were meant to be broken