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Highlight: Mr. Bill from SNL

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 7/18/2006 03:38:00 PM

Learn from SNL's Mr. Bill, the world's best loved Play-Doh presence, here on Google Video.

Today's Highlighted Videos

Click here to watch "Mr. Bill Meets Murky the Mud Cat"
In this PSA to save Louisiana's wetlands, Mr. Bill of SNL fame goes fishing in the mighty Mississippi to find Murky.
1 min 18 sec - Free

Click here to watch "Mr. Bill Meets Delta the Dolphin"
A PSA to save Louisiana's wetland. Mr. Bill of SNL fame dives deep into the Dead Zone searching for Delta.
1 min 15 sec - Free

Click here to watch "Mr. Bill Builds A House"
A classic Mr. Bill episode from Saturday Night Live.
2 min 19 sec - $0.49

New videos appearing on the Google Video Top 100 list for July 18, 2006:

19. Click here to watch "Steve, are you with me?"
This guy pays to have a fighter pilot make him pass out over and over.
1 min 59 sec

20. Click here to watch "Like a Prayer"
madonna - Like a Prayer
5 min 46 sec

31. Click here to watch "The greatest QVC Ladder Ever"
A stagehand on QVC has an unfortunate on-air accident while climbing a ladder.
49 sec

63. Click here to watch "Skateboarding Dog"
This Bulldog can skate better than most people.
1 min 2 sec

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