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Highlight: Independent TV Pilots

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 7/26/2006 05:53:00 PM

The Independent Television Festival aims to transfer the inertia of independent film making to the television world. In that spirit, they've gathered some of the best independent show pilots. We've chosen three as today's highlighted videos, but there are more to see. And be sure to rate them, so they know which ones you like the best.

Today's Highlighted Videos

Click here to watch "This Is My Friend"
A half hour single camera comedy that follows Eric and Jake, two men who refuse to accept their adulthood, through their absurd attempts at avoiding the real world.
1 min 10 sec

Click here to watch "Bitter Sweet"
This comedy examines the difficulties of encountering and working with an ex who has moved on.
1 min 5 sec

Click here to watch "Van Stone: Tour of Duty"
Van Stone, Palmdale's #3 Rock Band, is "enlisted" by the United States Armed Forces to perform for the troops in Afghanistan
3 min 27 sec

New videos appearing on the Google Video Top 100 list for July 26, 2006:

58. Click here to watch "Toothpick & the Microwave"
This is what happens when you put a ToothPick in a Microwave. As seen on Brainiac: Science Abuse.
1 min 14 sec

76. Click here to watch "Paul Schuytema Interview, 1998."
Shows off Prey and its "Portal Technology". (25meg)
6 min 1 sec

85. Click here to watch "Flatlife"
Jonas Geirnaert graduation project "FLATLIFE" (2004), selected for Short Films in Competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2004.
10 min 19 sec

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