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New Features: Rate, Label, and Comment

Thursday, June 29, 2006 6/29/2006 09:43:00 PM

Now, when you see something special, like this, you can tell everybody what you think. Today we introduced the capability to rate, label, and comment on your favorite Google videos.

Rate - How many stars do you think Paris Hilton's music video "Stars Are Blind" deserves? Is she a diva or a flop?

Label - Labels enable users to categorize videos in Google Video's index and help people discover new content to watch!

Comment - Awaken your inner critic.

New videos appearing on the Google Video Top 100 list for June 29, 2006:

1. Click here to watch "Psychological Differences Between the Sexes (1964)"
Illustrates the psychological, emotional, and physical differences between males and females. Dramatizes the diverse reactions to similar situations.
12 min 45 sec

12. Click here to watch "Top 50 Football Goals"
A half century of goals!
22 min 31 sec

85. Click here to watch "Charlie Rose - Gaza / Muslims and the West / Stephen Cohen on Russia"
A discussion with Mort Zuckerman (Editor in Chief of US News & World Report), Andrew Kohut (Director of the Pew Center for the People & the Press), and Stephen Cohen (NYU professor).
56 min 40 sec

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