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Highlight: Now or Never

Thursday, June 08, 2006 6/08/2006 07:02:00 PM

The best stories are those that deal with insurmountable odds; movies like Rudy, Miracle, and Armageddon warm our hearts. In that vein, the team over at Wombat Productions has put together a series of 'minisodes' searching for the root of success in Hollywood. You can see their humorous first four episodes on Google Video.

Click here to watch "Now or Never #1"
The First Episode of an original online comedy series. An English filmmaker has come to Los Angeles to create a documentary series about an ... all » acting class. He wants to discover the real story behind people's quest for fame and fortune...but nothing goes quite as planned.
2 min 5 sec

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A short video of a player going through Tetris Grandmaster 2 in death mode.
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Ride along on the death-dealing adventures of Miami's two coolest cops as they show what it takes to kick a*s and embody the virtues of the uber-male at the same time. All the latest in men's groomin..
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98. Click here to watch "Tarzan and Jane by The Dream Team"
This is a lip-synching attempt of the song Tarzan and Jane by Aqua by the Dream Team.
2 min 59 sec

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