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Highlight: NBA Finals

Friday, June 09, 2006 6/09/2006 09:40:00 AM

Remember this? I sure do. With time running down, a sixth championship at his fingertips, and having just made a game-changing steal, Michael Jordan pulled up for a game-winning 20-footer… swish. It was one of those legendary sports moments that I’ll never forget.

This year’s NBA playoffs have had their share of thrills – Dirk’s electrifying run against the Suns, the Heat dethroning the defending champs, and, just maybe, the birth of the next Jordan – but the NBA Finals are sure to bring out the best. Heat. Mavericks. Shaq. Wade. Dirk. It’s a star-studded matchup and when the dust settles, the NBA will crown a first-time champion. I bet you know where Mark Cuban will be.

As we have for all games throughout the season, Google Video will be offering the full NBA Finals games for download shortly after the games end (starting on June 9). We’ll also have highlight packages from each game for fans who want their quick fix – and for only $1.99. So if you miss a game or you simply want history again, you can download the action on Google Video.

And, don’t worry, if basketball isn’t your thing, there’s always the drama and excitement of the spelling bee.