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Monday, April 24, 2006 4/24/2006 05:00:00 PM

Making Mondays more entertaining...

Last week's (April 14 - April 20) Google Picks:

1. Sergio Mendes w/ Black Eyed Peas and Erykah Badu
Bossa nova, hip-hop, and neo soul all wrapped in one

2. 1906 buildings shaking and falling apart in earthquake
A Bay Area shake, rattle, and roll

3. A Trip Down Market Street / Ennio After Dark
Commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the 1906 earthquake

4. Just for Kicks
A passion that would even make Imelda Marcos jealous

5. Farmers' Almanac TV: Combine Demolition Derby
Combines go head-to-head to see who will be the last standing

6. New World Disorder "Unchained"
Freeride Entertainment takes riding to new heights

7. Predators of the Sprawl - Funny Hip Hop Cartoon
A young "hiphopsterus imposterus" is found in uncharted territory

8. NYC TV - On the Prowl With Cat Greenleaf - Coney Island Polar Bear
Polar bears make you feel the real thaw of winter

9. Galgrin Group - Customer Testimonial
Success comes from many countries

10. Alice in Wonderland in Paris
Watch the classic tale in animation

11. DJ Shadow Percussion Project
Band practice just got a little cooler

12. Base Jump
Derive pleasure from 3,000 feet above

13. Longboard
This is what suburban roads are made for

14. Painting Tips
Professional results through simple techniques

15. Click-to-play Videos
Learn how to create click-to-play videos with Dreamweaver or GoLive

Today's Top 3:

1. Click here to watch "Lady Punch"
"This lady takes one on the kisser"
9 sec

2. Click here to watch "Incredible Machines"
"Some Rube Goldberg type machines made in Japan ^^"
12 min 54 sec

3. Click here to watch "Amazing Juggling Finale"
"Chris Bliss performing an amazing juggling routine."
4 min 27 sec

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