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Get 2 No U

Monday, April 03, 2006 4/03/2006 10:31:00 AM

(guest blog post by MC Hammer, video featuring JD Greer and Pleasure Ellis)

Get 2 No U is a song from the Look3X (Look, Look, Look) digital music project. The emotions expressed in the song are meant to convey the thoughts of three grown men who are looking for that special lady. In each verse he conveys his qualifications and willingness to do whatever it takes to please the woman of his dreams. He is willing to do "all tricks" if she "speaks it from her lips." This willingness is possible only if he gets to know her. He seeks commitment, romance and sensitivity.

This video is meant to capture the night these three men go out looking for that new special love. The brilliant colors enhance the sexiness and warmth of the club. The high fashion of the mink coats, Gucci shoes and diamonds reflect the style and personality of the men. In short, they are dressed to impress. JD Greer (in the white coat) is a pure crooner. Vocals flow out of him effortlessly. He sang his signature parts in one take. He has crazy range and a deep passion in his vocal tones. A life of hurt and pain has rewarded him with a depth of emotion and sincerity in his singing. His (JD Greer's) new album, is "For the Lover in U." He will keep the mood right on those gorgeous summer and beautiful fireside winter nights.

Pleasure Ellis, the other powerful and soulful singer in this video, will likewise invoke memories of great singers of a forgone era. Many compare his album to early Michael Jackson records. It's haunting when U hear him on songs like, "She's Hurting Me" and "Bedroom Eyes" — both are destined to be classic songs. "Get 2 No U" is the first video from the, "Look Lounge Community" in the Look3X social network. While the song and video are great romantic and melodic sounds and visuals, the video is also the launching pad for two very important artists for years to come in the music industry. So dim the lights, get warm and get to know someone.


Thoughts Behind the Look Videos

What a good feeling to see that everywhere I look, no matter what name they put on it, every body's dancing! In the Bay Area we "goin' dumb," "thizz'n," and gettin' "hyphy." In LA they "krump'n" and gettin' "buck." The dirty South they doin the "snap dance." The west coast dances have evolved from the emotions and culture of the environment.

Through the dance of life we can communicate, embrace and understand one another. The dance brings us closer together. I purposely released the first videos from my upcoming album, "Look, Look, Look"(Look3x) as organized pandemonium rather than a choreographed music video. It reflects the times and mind frame. In the freedom that is free style dance is where I see the real you. I love to let the art of the dance be spontaneous. There is no wrong move. Do you. We "goin' dumb". Just express yourself. Get it out.

I will bridge the gaps through music, video, blogs, melody and dance. We will communicate one with another. There will be communities to support the four chapters that make up the "Look3X" digital music project.

-MC Hammer

P.S. For more on the creation of the Look videos, visit my blog, and be sure to check out my other videos.