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Winter Sports: Part 2

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 12/06/2005 09:45:00 AM

Thousands of feet in the air with nothing but an axe in gloved hand... talk about cool.

Ice Climbing Video - Ouray Ice Festival

The 10th Annual Ouray Ice Festival : The famous ice climbing festival took place January 12-15, 2005 in Ouray, Colorado. Some of the world’s best ice climbers attended : Harry Berger, Aljaz Anderle, Guy Lacelle, Kirsten Buchmann... Watch that !! L'évènement glace le plus important de l'année a eu lieu à Ouray, Colorado, USA. Les meilleurs glaciaristes étaient présents : Harry Berger, récemment champion du monde de glace, mais aussi Guy Lacelle, Aljaz Anderle et Kirsten Buchmann... (Description provided by content owner)

Ice climber: Guy Lacelle
Ice climber: Harry Berger
Ice climber: Kirsten Buchmann
Ice climber: Rob Owens
Ice climber: Audrey Gariepy
Ice climber: Sunny Trotter

11 min 57 sec