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Highlight: PBS

Wednesday, August 09, 2006 8/09/2006 03:35:00 PM

Award-winning, family-oriented programming you can trust. PBS on Google Video!

Today's Highlighted Videos

Click here to watch "NOVA - Welcome to Mars"
Go inside mission control and explore Mars with rovers Spirit and Opportunity. On January 3, 2004, a rover named Spirit crash-landed on the surface of Mars and sent its first message home. The elation of the assembled scientists as well as the engineering story leading up to the landing were captured by NOVA in its popular documentary "MARS Dead or Alive." That elation is the starting point for the sequel, "Welcome to Mars," which follows the adventures of Spirit and Opportunity on the Red Planet. NOVA's producers enjoyed unprecedented access to the mission scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory as they wrestled with the technical crises that soon beset the rovers.
55 min 56 sec - $7.99

Click here to watch "Antiques Roadshow - Kansas City, Hour 2"
ANTIQUES ROADSHOW continues its stay in Kansas City, Missouri, and host Dan Elias relates the story of the Steamship Arabia, a legendary ... all » casualty of the treacherous Missouri River in 1856, and a salvage triumph in 1987. It was retrieved, not from the depths of the Missouri's muddy waters, but half a mile from the river under 50 feet of dirt.
54 min 18 sec - $1.99

Click here to watch "Arthur - Happy Anniversary, Parts I&II"
Arthur's parents have been married for 10 years and it's time to celebrate! But the festivities are cut short when the van breaks down, stranding the whole family. Will the Reads miss their fancy dinner reservation? And what about Arthur's special "Bionic Bunny" sleepover with Buster?!
28 min 37 sec - $1.99

New videos appearing on the Google Video Top 100 list for August 9, 2006:

37. Click here to watch "Classic Television Commercials (Part I) (1948)"
Collection of TV commercials significant to the history and development of TV as an advertising medium. All those vintage ads are in public domain and available to download at Internet Archive.
9 min

52. Click here to watch "Apollo 11 'UFO' - Buzz Aldrin"
Buzz Aldrin talks about the 'UFO' which the Apollo 11 crew saw on their way to the moon.
4 min

53. Click here to watch "Amazing Stop Motion Video -"
Check-out this excellent use of stop motion video to create some amazing footage.
5 min

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