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Behind the Video: 24 Hours on Craigslist

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 4/19/2006 06:00:00 PM

The community web site has become one of the most popular sites on the internet, boasting 10 million unique users. "24 Hours on Craigslist" documents a random day-in-the-life on Craigslist San Francisco of what has evolved into the world's largest community board. An Ethel Merman drag queen searches for the perfect backup band for her Led Zeppelin covers. Doors for sale, one night stands, compulsive roomates, transsexual erotic services. The mundane and the sublime, the ridiculous and the profound, all come together to paint a portrait of a thriving, humanistic community in the midst of an ever-accelerating culture. (Description provided by content owner)

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Co-Producer: Alex Afterman

1) Why did you make this video?

"I first experienced Craigslist in 1996- I posted for an editor for my first feature and received over 250 responses. I knew I had to make a movie of this phenomenon. I wanted to figure out the right angle. A random day, and a crew found entirely from Craigslist!"

2) Who should watch it?

"Anyone interested in voyeurism, the internet, new social norms, or just finding out the truth about what people are REALLY doing on the internet at 3:15 in the morning."

3) Money, fame, power - which do you hope this video brings?

"It's great to spread the gospel of the free, open, community service that is Craigslist. But I'd like people to understand some of the dangers lurking out there, including the issues and self-destructive tendencies that might arise from one's own ego when exposed to this new and empowering technology."

4) What's next (from you, the video creator)?

"Well, my distribution company, Heretic Films, has released a series of horror and cult movies, and coming up we'll be releasing a very funny and poignant comedy called LURKING IN SUBURBIA, as well as some more great documentaries and cult movies. Check out
for more info."