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Google Video's New Year

Monday, January 09, 2006 1/09/2006 09:28:00 PM

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for an announcement. We have officially launched the Google Video store, the world's first open video marketplace. The store features thousands of titles representing a wide variety of entertainment and educational content, and more content is being added each day. With a quick keyword search, you can access a trove of high quality media for sale in addition to the free content already part of Google Video.

Missed Friday's Lakers vs. Sixers NBA game and want to check out Kobe? No problem.
Stayed late at work and now risk getting voted off the island by your roommate? The solution is here.
Practicing your fly dance moves? Maybe a Beyonce video will help.
Those of you following this blog over the last few months know that Google Video prides itself on the thousands of smaller, unique titles created by the community. And in the near future, any content creator will be able to sell their videos at a price of their choosing using the Google Video Upload Program.
[In our best announcer voice]: "That's right, the #1 selling video of 2006 just may be yours."
So whether you're ready to unleash your inner Spielberg, or are just looking for some good stuff to watch, welcome to the next phase of Google Video.