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What People Are Watching: Part 5

Friday, November 25, 2005 11/25/2005 04:25:00 PM

Whatever you do, don't drink the water...

"WATERBORNE" Trailer / Water Terrorism Film

Award-winning independent film that follows the aftermath of a fictional bio-terrorist attack on the water supply of Los Angeles. Starring Jon Gries ("Uncle Rico" of Napoleon Dynamite), Ajay Naidu (Office Space), Chris Masterson (Malcolm in the Middle), and international superstar and Indian Member of Parliament Shabana Azmi. Original score by DREDG, additional music by NAVDEEP. (Description provided by content owner)

Writer / Director: Ben Rekhi
Producer: Smriti Mundhra
Producer: Taylor Phillips
Producer: Salvy Maleki
Director of Photography: Ben Kutchins
Editor: Cary Lin
Production Designer: Theo Sena
Original Score: Dredg
Additional Music: Navdeep
Actor: Jon Gries
Actor: Chris Masterson
Actor: Jake Muxworthy
Actor: Ajay Naidu
Actress: Mageina Tovah
Actress: Shabana Azmi
Actress: Lindsey Price
Actor: Chris Berry

Drops Entertainment
2 min 15 sec