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Attention college football fans

Friday, November 17, 2006 11/17/2006 12:51:00 PM

It's college football season, and one of the best parts in my view is the intense rivalry -- when we see our favorite local teams go head to head, each claiming to be the "best team in town" for another year. (And, in the case of Michigan vs. Ohio State this weekend maybe even the "best team in the country").

While the hits, fumbles, and touchdowns keep us all watching, we think -- and we hope you agree -- that some of the greatest moments in college football come from the fans. Think tailgates, reunions, painted faces, mascots and cheerleaders, where that spirit of rivalry thrives and brings us back for the next year's match.

To celebrate the fans who keep the spirit alive, we've launched this rivalry page to showcase some of the best off-the-field moments in college football. So get out your mobile phone, digital camera and digital video recorder to capture the best game-day highlights and share them with millions of fans on Google Video. If you don't, it'll be the other guys who will win the title of "best fans in town" -- and that can't happen, right?

And if you're headed to the game, be on the lookout -- Google Video might be coming to a stadium near you. (Not going to the game? Capture and share your best armchair quarterback or couch outbursts with millions of football fans.)

-- Shaluinn Fullove, for the Google Video team

Click here to watch "OSU Football Rivalry"
Michigan fan fighting with Brutus the Buckeye at the OSU vs. Northwestern Game
42 sec

Click here to watch "OSU mirror lake group jumping in"
OSU footage of mirror lake and a group jumping in the lake.
28 sec