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Highlight: "Expert Gamer" Contest winners

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 10/25/2006 11:13:00 AM

From July 7th to July 23rd, 2006, gamers from around the world competed in the first annual "Expert Gamer" contest sponsored by and The contest provided an opportunity for gamers to demonstrate their skills by creating original product reviews (also known as videopinions) of the games they love (or hate) and uploading them to for their friends to cast their vote. Voters determined the 15 semi-finalists and the winning videopinions were selected by a panel of expert judges. They scored entries on creativity, video production quality, and the contestants' depth of knowledge in the games they reviewed. The five Grand Prize winners received awesome prizes (including a Sony high-definition flat screen TV) and they were featured on ExpoTV's video-on-demand network. You can find entries from the "Expert Gamer" contest here.

Click here to watch "FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 3 User Review 7894"
Video review of FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 3. Videopinions are Expo TV members reviewing and demonstrating the products and services they use - in full motion video, from the inside out. Videopinion product reviews are unbiased, personal testimonials created by real users. Go to the next time you're doing product research to see the best video reviews by experts and consumers - or contribute a Videopinion of your own!
1 min 41 sec

Click here to watch "GUITAR HERO!! User Review 7981"
3 min 58 sec

Click here to watch "PREY User Review 7952"
Randum's Review of P R E Y for the PC
5 min 1 sec

Click here to watch "Chrome Hounds User Review 8034"
video game review for XBox 360
2 min 19 sec

Click here to watch "Battlefield 2: Armored Fury User Review 8118"
Dan's Review of Battlefield 2: Armored Fury - an expansion booster pack for Battlefield 2 for the PC.
3 min 13 sec

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