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Highlight: ROCKWORKS

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 9/13/2006 02:58:00 PM

Movie stars, films, television shows, and musicians are not just for entertainment anymore. The media and the superstars we admire are powerful vehicles and voices to encourage and motivate people to do the right thing.

"ROCKWORKS is a non profit 'construction-production' organization that is inspired by the power of music and the efficiency of Roadies, using their talent and skill, as well as that of recording artists and celebrities, to actually do the work, not just raise the funds."

Because really, the only way to help New Orleans is to get your hands dirty...

Today's Highlighted Videos

Click here to watch "Rockworks [re]building the Gulf Coast"
One year after Hurricane Katrina’s brutal sweep across the Gulf Coast, the area is still on the path to recovery. This video features the community of Forest Heights, Mississippi, and ROCKWORKS Foundation’s efforts to help them rebuild their lives. Visit for more information.
6 min 3 sec

Click here to watch "Gulf Coast [re]build PSA"
What is Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Will.I.Am saying about Rockworks?
39 sec

New videos appearing on the Google Video Movers & Shakers list for September 13, 2006:

2 (US). Click here to watch "Guy in a kayak gets a suprise"
A killer wale jumps out of the water and lands on him.
22 sec

4 (US). Click here to watch "Justin Timberlake-Sexy Back (the real video)"
Justin Timberlake-Sexy Back real video goooooooooooood realllll good put attention sexy back people this is our mexican version
4 min 14 sec

17 (US). Click here to watch "Flying Dog"
What happens to a dog in zero gravity?
23 sec

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