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Exclusive: The Killers Making The Video

Saturday, September 30, 2006 9/30/2006 01:19:00 AM

I remember turning to my friend with a quizzical look on my face when I first heard the lyrics to, "Somebody Told Me":

"Is he singing about what I think he's singing about?"

Yes, indeed and the catchy songwriting (along with the darling Brandon Flowers) has stayed with me since and made a fan out of me.

Clever, memorable lyrics, a New Wave sound with a synthesizer overlay, and (if you're lucky enough to see them in concert) an involving, magnetic stage presence make The Killers hot. Their Sophomore album titled, "Sam's Town" will be released October 3, 2006, but if you want a taste of "Sam's" beforehand, tune into the making of The Killers' new music video, "When You Were Young", exclusively here on Google Video.

Today's Highlighted Video

Click here to watch "The Killers Making The Video"
The making of the brand new video "When You Were Young" off of the sophomore album Sam's Town in stores October 3rd
5 min 52 sec

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