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Highlight: Bennett Productions

Monday, August 14, 2006 8/14/2006 04:53:00 PM

Bennett Productions' programming is distributed nationally by ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Sports Net, ESPN, ESPN2, and HBO. Now on Google Video you can find several of their shows including: Bikini Destinations, The Extremists, The Wild Side, and more!

Today's Highlighted Videos

Click here to watch "Bikini Destinations Episode 107"
California’s best locations provide backdrops for bikini models including Playmate Kelly Monaco. Models vogue in the baked desert and on the misty shores revealing what makes California a great photo location.
25 min 55 sec - $0.99

Click here to watch "The Extremists Episode 113"
French action film Producer Florent Carmin travels to the sky over Tahiti for never before seen sky skiing and sky surfing performed by Patrick De Gordon. Carmin's team of filmmakers capture high diving from helicopters, unique air chair water stunts and barefoot heliskiing!
28 min 58 sec - $0.99

Click here to watch "Renegade Road"
The roots of American chopper lore are fostered deep in these events where classic bike styles are refined, and the modern biker lifestyle evolves from the era of outlaws to the common expression of today’s iron horse adventurer.
34 min 31 sec - $0.99

New videos appearing on the Google Video Top 100 list for August 14, 2006:

48. Click here to watch "Loose Change 2nd Edition, Korean Caption"
Loose Change 2nd Edition, Korean Caption by nylon.
1 hr 22 min

74. Click here to watch "New Amazing Grand Theft Auto Like Coke Commercial"
Created in HD this spot screens in cinema from August 11th in the U.S. Produces by Nexus Productions in 15 weeks this spot looks like a cinematic sequence for Driver or Grand Theft Auto.
1 min

96. Click here to watch "Amazing Save by Goalie"
This goalie takes one to the face, quick laugh!
5 sec

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