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Highlight: Superman Returns Journals

Monday, July 17, 2006 7/17/2006 05:04:00 PM

Now that you've gone out to see "Superman Returns," take a look at all the behind-the-scenes action with Director Bryan Singer. He's got a series of his journals on Google Video. Here's one of our favorites (and be sure to check them all out)!

Today's Highlighted Video

Click here to watch "Video Journal # 7 - The Call"
Singer to the Rescue! While laboring through another mild-mannered day in Sydney, director Bryan Singer gets a call from a friend in need. Singer takes to the skies and upon landing, finds a dire situation indeed! But have no fear, Bryan rises to the challenge, facing his most gargantuan challenge ever! How will it all end? Who will prevail?! Watch this journal to discover answers to these riveting secrets, and more!
7 min 34 sec

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9. Click here to watch "The fastest clip you'll ever see"
Reloading a clip so fast you don't even see it go back into the gun.
28 sec

10. Click here to watch "Loose Change 2E"
Loose Change it the greatest documentary on 911 watch and you will see what all the buzz is about.
54 min 39 sec

20. Click here to watch "Teddy Bears in Cars"
What a great european stereo commercial. Check out this funny car video and others on http://www.MyCarSucks.Com Web Site.
15 sec

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