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Highlight: Media that Matters Film Festival

Thursday, June 15, 2006 6/15/2006 02:58:00 PM

Equality, human rights, and social justice are heavy concepts. Media That Matters corrals short documentary films that touch upon big topics and make you think. Be sure to check out any of their highlighted videos below, or the whole collection.

Today's Highlighted Videos

Click here to watch "Battleground Minnesota"
Hip-hop activist Shakademic proves that if Walter Mondale can learn how to scratch, young voters can get schooled in election politics.
8 min 10 sec

Click here to watch "Slip of the Tongue"
“What’s your ethnic make up?” A young man makes a pass at a beautiful stranger and gets an eye-opening schooling on race and gender.
4 min 14 sec

Click here to watch "Vision Test"
A routine eye exam turns into a troubling look at American attitudes towards minorities in all positions of power.
5 min 38 sec

New videos appearing on the Google Video Movers & Shakers list for June 14, 2006:

1. Click here to watch "mentos + diet cock = splash!!!"
that what hapen when you put 10 mentos into a diet cock buttle... after seen so many in goggle video i had to try... :-)
13 sec

2. Click here to watch "Supercharged S13 drifting"
Supercharged S13 in Oz drifting. Driver is a bit jerky and OTT with the handbrake but a VERY cool video still. Car looks a handful and shows drifitng isnt as easy as people THINK it is...
4 min 23 sec

3. Click here to watch "Mustang spin police chase"
Police try to pit a fugitive several times, but he keeps recovering. They get tired of it and ram him against a sidewalk bursting his tires.
2 min 31 sec

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