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Thursday, March 30, 2006 3/30/2006 03:00:00 PM

A plethora (what a fun word) of videos to help start your weekend early...

This week's (March 24 - March 30) Google Picks:

1. Click here to watch the French Connexion
Who knew the world's best barrels and breaks are in France?

2. Click here to watch TOP TEN THINGS TO DO IN HONG KONG
Count down your top ten list of "Things to Do" in Hong Kong.

3. Click here to watch "The Selling of Vince D' Angelo"
Danny DeVito directs and stars as the below the belt Congressmen "Vince D' Angelo."

4. Click here to watch Dark Shadows - Episode 210
Beware! Werewolves, witchcraft, and ghosts maybe habit forming.

5. Click here to watch Wrestling Titans: Steve Austin
Take a step back in Steve Austin's career as wrestling's toughest titans.

6. Click here to watch Magic Tricks - Rope through body magic trick
There's more to pubs than just pints.

7. Click here to watch Cocktail Shakers-
Jeanne Benedict walks you through the history of martinis.

8. Click here to watch "Starlet" on The Documentary Channel
How do you make it big as a "Starlet" actress in Tinsel Town?

9. Click here to watch X-Men Minimates: Darktide Trailer
A war is being waged... between mutant and humankind.

10. Click here to watch Jill Dupleix: Salmon in light Thai broth
Reel Food for real people.

11. Click here to watch Connie Martinson Talks Books: John Wooden on "My Personal Best"
The "Greatest Coach of the 20th Century" discusses his book, "My Personal Best."

12. Click here to watch Rodney Yee and the Seated Half-Fish Pose
Tired of doing the downward dog? Open the hips with the half fish pose.

13. Click here to watch Sony's New NCAA Lo Def TV :60 spot
Relive Kentucky versus Duke in lo fi.

14. Click here to watch DragonflyTV Kids Do Science - Extreme Sounds
How loud are the sounds in your city?

15. Click here to watch NASCAR Driven to Win: ALL-ACCESS: Life in the Pits
Watch NASCAR's version of an elegant ballet.