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All About Sports: Part 2

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 11/08/2005 09:00:00 AM

Don't play soccer? Watch and learn.

Soccer Speed

In the best selling soccer skills program 'All The Right Moves' we learned that the world's top players rely on running at top speed with and without the ball. In the modern game of soccer, as the level of competition increases so does the speed of the players. Running speed (without the ball) must be developed with technical speed (running with the ball) if players and teams are to exploit weaknesses in the opposition. Soccer Speed will work you through progressive training including foot speed, leg speed, running technique, bursts of speed, first step quickness, acceleration, change of direction, quick reaction, coordination, agility and balance- all without the ball. The ball will then be added to create innovative training with match-like activities that are easily introduced into the practice sessions for the individual player and the team. Soccer Speed will not make you the world's fastest player, but it will increase your physical and technical speed. (Description provided by content owner)

Produced by Soccer Learning Systems
1 min 25 sec